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Custom Physical Pixel Polaroid


Introducing an extraordinary pixel Polaroid artwork customized exclusively for you! This unique piece is printed on authentic Polaroid film, capturing a delightful moment of you alongside your cherished Pokémon (or any other cute animals, creatures or characters, please email me and I will see if I can accommodate) The artwork is expertly crafted with the nostalgic Gameboy color palette, ensuring a nostalgic vibe. You have the option to include up to two Pokémon (or three adorable pocket monsters) in your selfie.

Please note that these limited-edition artworks are produced in small quantities. As soon as I finish a batch, I will make more available for purchase.

Kindly be aware that this specially created piece requires up to two weeks for production and shipping preparations. In the buying notes, please provide your social media handle and share pictures of yourself. If you're buying this as a gift, please provide the recipient's social media handle instead. If there are no selfies on the account, feel free to email me some sample pictures. ([email protected] Additionally, you have the choice to receive a draft of the drawing for any desired amendments, or you can keep it as a surprise when it arrives in the post. The decision is entirely up to you! Don't forget to mention your favorite Pokémon, (or others) as up to three can be featured in the artwork.

Rest assured, while the drawing process may take up to two weeks, I am committed to completing it sooner, considering my day job commitments.


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